Five Signs You Need Car Air Conditioning Regas Service

It is not possible to imagine driving for hours without car air conditioning during the hot summer days. Your car air conditioning is an excellent tool to have a comfortable driving experience during summer and demist your windscreen during winter. To enjoy such luxury, experts suggest going for car air conditioning regas service every two years. Regular car air conditioning service keeps the system highly functional throughout the year and helps you save money on repairs and fuel.

Most car owners are now aware that the car air conditioning service is not part of their regular service. You need to book a separate appoint for that, and if you can’t recall the last time you have serviced your car air conditioning system, it’s better to let the expert give a check. If you find the following issues with your car air conditioning system, then it’s time to find an experienced car air conditioning regas and repair service provider.

Inadequate cooling:

If your air conditioning system is apparently working, but the airflow is not as cold as it should be, it may need to go for regas. During winter or on short trips when you are not counting much on your air conditioning system, the problem may go unnoticed. And it is quite disappointing when you don’t get cooling from the system when you turn it on during the summer months.

Foul smell:

A foul smell coming out of your air conditioning system indicates that the system needs a proper cleaning. If you have not serviced your air-con system lately, then dust and dirt piled up in the system can cause a bad smell.

A rattling sound:

When the condenser or fan belt is worn out, or the debris has clogged the system, you may hear a rattling sound coming out of your car’s air conditioning system. If this is the case, then you might also notice that the cold air is taking much longer than usual to come out.

No airflow:

Your car air conditioning system’s functionality can be reduced due to leaks. When you notice minimum to no air coming out of your air-con, it means there is a leak or more severe problem like compressor malfunctioning. Moisture and age are the two main reasons that cause leaks in your car air conditioning system, which leads seals to cause leaks. Lines made from rubber inside the air conditioning wear out over time due to heat and moisture. If the entire system is affected by the moisture, then it can damage other parts as well.


Condensation in your car, especially from the dashboard, is the sign of a faulty air conditioning system. The car’s air-con system is engineered using several complex components, including a condenser, compressor, evaporator, and refrigerant. All these components play an essential role in changing gas to liquid and back to gas and cooling the air simultaneously. If a hose is blocked somewhere within the system, it can cause vents to drip water, causing damage to the carpet and interior.

Whether you need to address your car air conditioning system’s poor functionality or just looking forward to keeping it well maintained with regular service, you should find an experienced service provider. If you need Car Air Conditioning Regas in Melbourne, find a trusted service centre to get the job done with perfection.

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