Consider these Points before Investing in a Tipper Trailer

If you are looking for a hydraulic tipper trailer for sale for your construction company, there are a few essential things that you should take into account before investing. Tipper trailers are an excellent alternative of dumper trucks for construction companies to transport dump materials like sand, rubble, and gravel. These trailers are comfortable and convenient for making quick trips back and forth to transport and dump the materials without detaching and attaching the vehicle. Here are a few things that you should consider when buying a new tipper trailer.

Tipper trailers are available in two types:

  • Hydraulic tippers, which are strongly built for heavy lifting
  • Electric tippers, which are made to lift a lighter load

Hydraulic trailer is a way more convenient option for heavy lifting compared to an electric tipper. The latest hydraulic trailers come with remote control option which makes the dumping relatively easier. These trailers also come with options like 1-way tipper or 3-way tipper. 3-way tippers are standard for effectively dumping materials.

Carrying capacity of the trailer:

While selecting a tipper trailer, you should keep your payload requirement in mind. You should choose the trailer considering its payload or carrying capacity. While selecting a trailer with high payload capacity, ensure that you don’t compromise with its tare weight. Many trailers come with high payload capacity and high tare weight, which means that the manufacturers have used heavy materials to build the trailers.

Tare weight:

It is essential to consider the trailer’s tare weight while buying, which is the overall weight of the trailer. There are several benefits of a light weight trailer, such as better fuel efficiency, the ability to be towed by smaller vehicles, and a lower annual rego fee. Look for heavy-duty trailers with lightweight.

Materials used:

While looking for a hydraulic tipper trailer, check whether it’s made with durable materials to withstand rough use and conditions, especially the trailer’s base. Carefully built trailer’s base does not scratch while dumping the loads. If possible, look for a trailer made with galvanised steel bases and aluminium sides for longevity and durability. Scratched surfaces lead to corrosion, which is costly and challenging to repair.

Braking system:

The braking of a trailer is crucial to prevent any accidents on the road and also while loading and unloading the materials. Ensure that the trailer you buy has an advanced braking system, such as the overrun braking system.

Additional features:

A jockey wheel and tie-down points are the standard features of a tripper trailer. With a jockey wheel, a controller can balance the trailer even when it’s not attached to the vehicle, while tie down points give you peace of mind that the load is secure and safe for the transportation.

It is recommended that you buy a spare wheel at the time of purchasing a trailer. You can always use this extra wheel in case of an emergency, so the work does not have to suffer. Buying the spare wheel while buying the trailer means that you are getting the right type of wheel. There are a wide range of wheels available in the market, and not all will fit in your trailer.


Considering the points mentioned above will help you invest in a tipper trailer that fulfils all the job requirements and lasts for years to come. Opt for an advanced tipper trailer, and you won’t have to worry too much about maintenance and repair cost in the future.

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