Know the Importance of High Pressure Water Pumps

Water pumps are devices or equipment used to move water from one place to another by making use of mechanical and hydraulic principles for achieving the goal in that specific scenario. As water is an essential requirement for any establishment and facility be it commercial or industrial, the usage of water pumps also becomes mandatory to manage the supply of water. The efficiency of the different water pumps has continuously evolved over many decades making them more efficient and productive.

The main purpose of water pumping systems is to pump the water through the pipes to make it available at the places where it is required. They also help to build the adequate pressure required for the intended purpose. Water pumps work based on the principle of positive displacement and kinetic energy to push the water. Different types of fuels are used to provide energy for the water pumps. AC or DC power is usually supplied to energize the water pumps for their functioning.

A wide range of water pump accessories is available with the development of technology over time. E.g. accessories required to monitor and control the pressure and temperature of the water being supplied.

Aquastats and hot water temperature controls are supplementary accessories used to regulate the temperature in case of hot water requirements. The devices can also be customized to automatically switch them on and off based on the time at which they may be required.

Alarm systems are used to monitor the water levels and other parameters. They also alert the concerned personnel by raising alarms or audible lights in the scenario of a malfunctioning or other failure.

Impellers are key accessories of the water pumps that convert the energy provided by the source to induce velocity in the flow of the water. The design of the impellers is important as they determine the efficiency of the pump.

Different types of bearing are used in the water pumps to support the smooth movement of the relevant parts associated with it. It reduces friction and eases the rotational movement of the shafts.

Water pressure pump controllers are separate accessories used to regulate the pressure of the water. Different applications may require the water to be supplied at various pressure levels – e.g. garden, home, shower, or other facilities. The controllers are used to automatically maintain the pressure levels and flow. Systems are in place to switch the controllers on and off depending on the application need.

A high pressure water pump is also available to generate the operating pressure and supply the water to the spraying pipes. It is mainly used for cleaning applications. The power and pressure of the discharged water are controlled as per the application requirements by the devices attached to the pump.

The selection of a high pressure water pump should be based on the purpose. Key technical factors associated with them are

  • The pressure that determines the amount of kinetic energy used to pump the water
  • Flow rate – speed and amount of water to be pushed in a certain amount of time
  • Power supply – sources that help in providing the desired energy. E.g. Electricity, Diesel, Gasoline etc.

Tubes and other lines – that need to withstand the flow of water at the desired pressure

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