Expand Your Business With Hydraulic Tipper Trailer

Are you worried about your commercial transfer of the goods safety from one place to another? This situation is understandable when your business requires the carrying of goods.

It is often seen that most of the goods are spoiled, broken or distorted while they are carried away to different places. Losses incurred are high and if by chance, a product is delivered to a customer in a broken condition, you lose your trust in the market leading to loss of potential customers.

To avoid such situations, Hydraulic Tipper Trailers are just for you carrying your goods to long distances- safe and sound!

How Can A Hydraulic Tipper Trailer Help you Expand Your Business?

Hydraulic Tipper Trailers can be a pure bliss for your business!

Carrying heavy loads for long distances and making your goods deliver to your customers, just the way they like is what makes your business become a global brand somewhere in the near future.

Tip extra heavy load to your trailer as it combines the best advances in technology and design to deliver an effective and efficient trailer suited for your specific needs and requirements.

High load-bearing capacity is one thing that is surely going to make a plunge for it. Other than that, roller rocker suspensions, Japanese bearings, split cage and Australian compliance makes it a better choice than any other trailers.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly trailer, you can buy one in a 7×5 Single Axle Box Trailer Hydraulic Tipper Lawn Mower that serves your every need.

  • Heavy Duty 1400kg ATM 7×5  tipper trailer with 1200mm side Barn door rear
  • American/Italian pump/ram combo fitted which includes safety valve.
  • 45mm axles with Hydraulic brakes (can add electric brakes for $150)
  • 1mm checker plate floor
  • Main chassis is 75x50x3mm RHS with flooring frame made from 50x50x2.5mm RHS
  • Draw bar 3mm 50x100mm RHS with length of 1800mm
  • Lawn mower box on front
  • NEW Wheels and tyres 14inch steel mag wheels with 185/LT light trucks. Spare can be added for $100
  • Tare weight 650kg
  • LED lights included (so you never have to worry about blown bulbs again), Reflectors included
  • Mud flaps included
  • Flat or round trailer plug included (just let me know which one you want)
  • Fully Australian complied, comes with Compliance Plate and VIN number.
  • Registration can be offered to Victorian Buyers for $130
  • Unregistered vehicle permits can be offered to interstate buyers for $35

Where To Buy Hydraulic Tipper Trailer?

Quality yet reliable trailers is what you want?

It is quite difficult to find a shop that gives great service and a satisfactory customer experience!

Well…, no problem!

U-Beaut Trailers are just for you!

U-Beaut Trailers is the top manufacturer of various types of trailers in Melbourne. From lightweight trailers for a car to heavy-duty trailers designed to perform the heavy-duty, you get it all here.

If you need a budgeted trailer, you can surely look into the hydraulic tipper trailers for sale in the shop.

Excellent in assisting you to make a wise choice among the variety of trailers available, U-Beaut Trailers surely gives excellent services right from when you walk in the store till you make your purchase.

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