Are metal frame sunglasses better than plastic frame sunglasses?

Do you ever think about frames while you shop for designer sunglasses?

Actually, the look and style of your new sunglasses are not that important. Still, frames make your sunglasses impressive, and it is necessary to talk about the pros and cons of frame materials, be it plastic or metal.

But between plastic and metal frames, which is better?

Let us compare both styles and try solving the puzzle by explaining the features of each.

The benefits of metal frame sunglasses:

  • If you are interested in lightweight and durable frames, metal frames are the better choice for you.
  • Metal frames are sleek and look extremely impressive. They are durable and resist corrosion effectively.
  • Metal frames are made up of nickel, titanium, aluminium, and stainless steel.
  • These frames are available in a vast range of styles and colours.
  • It is only a matter of choice to buy blue or red lens sunglasses to cover your eyes. Metal frames offer a blend of A-grade durability and style.
  • Titanium and aluminium are highly malleable, durable and they resist corrosion as well.
  • Titanium sunglasses are hypoallergenic and offer an excellent option for a person whose skin is sensitive to allergies.
  • If we talk about strength, stainless steel is also a decent option.
  • Beryllium is ideal for those who have to spend their time near or in saltwater.
  • Flexon-made red lens designer sunglasses are incredibly beneficial for a person who is engaged in sports. These frames return to their original shape when you bend them.

Benefits of plastic sunglasses

  • Stylish plastic sunglass frames are thinner in appearance. People use plastic sunglasses for both prescription and non-prescription purposes.
  • They are cost-effective, durable, and available in a wide range of colours.
  • While you shop for blue or red lens designer sunglasses Australiain, plastic frames are available in many shapes and styles.
  • If you want prescription sunglasses and are not interested in fashion, nylon and nylon blended frames are a perfect fit for you.
  • Polycarbonate frames are also beneficial for players since they offer a higher level of impact resistance.

A fair comparison

      • You are now familiar with the advantages of both metal and plastic frames. Thus, comparing the frames is a bit easier than it was a minute ago.
      • Have a look!
      • If we talk about price, plastic frame sunglasses are a cheaper option than metal frame ones.
      • Plastic frames may face discolouration over time, but metal frames are usually corrosion resistant.
      • Metal frames are available in limited styles and characteristics, but plastic frames are available in a vast range of colours.


It is not possible to declare a clear winner as both choices have their own pros and cons. You can shop for designer sunglasses with both plastic and metal frames.

The final choice depends on the shape of your face and eyes, your budget, and your prescription needs. But whatever your choice may be, you can’t deny that the frames are an underrated factor in a sunglass that dictates both its style and usefulness.

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