A Blanket To Protect Your Turbocharged Engine

A Turbo blanket is wrapper equipment used to protect other external accessories within a turbocharged engine’s engine compartment. A lot of excessive heating can happen when turbochargers are used to boost engine performance. More heat generated can lead to other accessories within the engine compartment being affected due to the high temperature. Parts like electrical wiring, painted surfaces, engine bay, plastic and rubber hoses are prone to be damaged by the overheat generated and are protected by turbo blankets.

The temperature of the turbocharger needs to be maintained accordingly. The hot and cool areas need to be isolated and allowed to function at higher and lower temperatures. Purpose of the turbo blanket is to achieve this objective and keep two sides of the turbocharger hot and cold. It will also allow the other engine parts to cool off a little bit as required.

Owners of high performance and luxury cars use the turbo blanket to reduce the excessive generation of heat in the engine area. Turbochargers are fitted to increase engine efficiency and performance. Turbo blankets help indirectly achieve this goal by supporting the turbocharger to maintain its temperature while protecting other accessories from getting affected by a large amount of heat generated.

Borg Warner is a reputed brand available in the market who manufacture high quality and guaranteed turbo blankets. Borg warner turbo blanket is well known in the heat insulation industry for maintaining high standards, usage of quality materials, design and application of sophisticated technologies. Borg warner considers it extremely important to ensure that no inferior or flammable materials are used in the preparation of turbo blankets since it can lead to serious and dangerous consequences.

Turbo blankets manufactured by Borg warner are designed to provide high thermal resistance, long-lasting life and withstand tough conditions. Zero compromises on the material used, quality and construction help in achieving a faultless performance.

Aluminium foil tapes are used for several purposes, one of the primary uses is in the seams and joints of fibre glass and aluminium duct boards. The foil tape can be used for sealing seams in all weather conditions and also for use in heating and cooling systems. Other benefits of aluminium foil tapes include thermal insulation and resistance, sealing, wrapping, and coating different items.

Reinforced aluminium foil tapes are used in different industries like packaging, heating and cooling, construction and electrical. Applications of aluminium foil tape include sealing, thermal isolation, easy winding, good conductivity, damage prevention, use in refrigerators, automotive, electrical and electronic devices, air conditioners and other equipment.

Adhesive coated aluminium foil tapes are also available to help attach, even to irregular surfaces, prevent moisture and vapour. A strong pressure-sensitive adhesive on the foil helps to stick equally with regular, irregular, smooth and all types of surfaces.

Foil tapes are designed to work in tough weather conditions like sub-zero temperatures. It has great fire and thermal resistance capabilities too and is resistant to cracking. Good quality tapes can be used repeatedly and do not get damaged easily.

The versatility of aluminium coupled with strong sealing effect due to adhesive features makes the aluminium foil tape turn out to be a fantastic product applicable for a range of needs. Resistance to all kinds of weather conditions is an additional feature. The extra powerful adhesive attached makes it an even more beneficial and efficient option.

Amongst tapes of different material, Aluminium foil tapes are probably the most widely used option across industries.

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