What Makes A Great Personal Trainer?

Now that you have decided to start training with a personal trainer, you may be nervous. How will someone else dictate your workout routine? Isn’t the point of exercising to get in shape on your terms? But if you want to reach your fitness goals, there is only one effective way to do it: enlist the help of a professional. You will know you hired the right trainer if she makes you feel comfortable and motivated during your sessions.

How to find the best personal trainer in your city?

Finding a personal trainer does not have to be a daunting task. You could start this process with a simple Google search using terms like “personal trainer near me” or “best personal trainers in the area.” But if you want to know what else you can do to make sure you hire the right person for you, read on for three helpful tips that will help you feel confident about your decision—and more likely to stick with your plan.

What are the qualities you need to check to have an experienced personal trainer?

  • What inspires you? Positive reinforcement with cheerleading works for some people, but others like to be screamed at and intimidated into performing a few additional squats. In any case, talk to the trainer and get a sense of his or her personality to see whether it matches your own.
  • It’s no secret that finding a personal trainer can be expensive. If you do your homework, though, it also doesn’t have to be as pricey as you think. While the entire cost can still be hard on your wallet, following some simple tips and making a little extra effort to ask the right questions will help you identify the right trainer for you and your budget.
  • “Jack of all trades, master of none,” as the saying goes. If you want to achieve a specific goal, such as breaking a new 5k PR, you’ll want to work with an outdoor personal trainer in Melbourne who specialises in running rather than, say, Olympic weightlifting. Not only will they be more skilled in your chosen field, but he’ll likely be more enthusiastic about it if she understands the intricacies of the activity and has a personal stake in it.
  • Personal Training Packages rates vary widely, based on credentials, expertise, and location, just as their experience, personality, and philosophy do (sometimes as much as hundreds of dollars). So, before you start looking, sit down and consider your budget. If hourly solo sessions are beyond your budget right now, don’t worry: some trainers offer semi-private sessions or a discount if you buy in quantity.
  • It’s a good idea to ask about his schedule because consistency is essential while working with a trainer. Is he now booked solid with little wiggle room, or does he have many clients? Is it more of a floating schedule that varies regularly, or does he prefer to book them at the same time each week? What is his cancellation policy, and how far in advance do you need to plan appointments? Can you make up missed ones?

Look for a personal trainer who is both skilled and experienced and who seems like a natural fit. That’s the person you should hire since she’ll not only assist you in achieving your objectives but she’ll also make you feel at ease, motivated, and inspired throughout the process.

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